Towering genius disdains a beaten path. It seeks regions hitherto unexplored.

Abraham Lincoln 
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          Life Lessons Coaching                                 

For parents to truly allow their children to be themselves and walk their own path, it takes a great deal of discipline (on the part of the parents), a sense of peace beyond understanding, and blind trust in that which cannot be seen. 

Every person has a unique path to walk and purpose to fulfill.  When we walk our own path and learn our life lessons, we model for our children a purposeful life.
Life Lessons Coaching is for parents of young children who want to embark on a journey down a road less traveled.  It is for parents who want to let their children become who they are meant to be and who want to allow their children the freedom to enjoy childhood.

It is not easy to let a child be a child in our society, and those parents who want to go down that path can use some emotional support.  As a Spiritual Life Coach, I help parents find a sense of peace in allowing their children to be themselves and discover their passions.  

I teach parents tools to help themselves create the lives they want, so that they can model for their children happy and productive lives.